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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Meet "Sea Glass"

I just can't seem to capture all the facets in this glitter.  It's such a complex mix.  I used various sized hex  and square in aqua, mint, lime, pastel blue and green and for that glass effect a touch of iridescent glitters.  I am so in love with this one.  It was inspired from my recent day trip to the Gulf beachside here in Florida.  Just goes to show, all encounters and every part of your life can be an inspiration for creativity.   Ill have this up on the Etsy shop soon.  Stay tuned for the next one :)



  1. Wow...I need to block you on my Bloglovin feed. I end up spending too much money!!

    1. Lol!! Noooooooo ! Xoxo. Just trying to make the world pretty one polish at a time. Lol